Drop in fee $14.00

4 classes $41.00

8 classes $72.00

16 classes $135.00

Private Sessions $55.00       
All Punch cards expire 3 months
after purchase
with the exception of
pre-approved specal circumstances

Yoga Classes
Private Laughter
Great for Parties and
gatherings,  no size
for an appointment
(970) 275-5987
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Emotional and Physical
By appointment
970 275 5987

1 session $55.00

Save $30.00
Buy a package of 3 sessions

Sacred Healing
Healing Touch energy medicine
Do you want Sacred Healing and Yoga?
Get Both
10 yoga classes, 5 Sacred Healing Sessions
with Sherrill Stenson
plus a free consolutation
with local hypnotherapist Jill Steele
save $105.00
No refunds

Punch Card Discounts are available for new students.
Buy an 8 class punch card for $65.00 until May 20th!